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Divestment Watch is leading the fight against the Divest-from-Israel campaign which was created by Yassir Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to destroy Israel via its economy. Divestment Watch gives you the tools and information you need to properly combat this assault on democracy and the free market economy.

NEW: See Divestment Watch President Fred Taub on Al Jazeera, Feb 14, 2009 as he debated Noura Erakat about the campaign to boycott Israel.
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(External article:)Hampshire Divests from Israel, So Contributors Should Divest from Hampshire
by Alan M. Dershowitz
February 13, 2009
 June 24, 2008
British Vote for Academic Boycott of Israel, Again.
British academics approve the modern equivalent of book burnings
 June 23, 2008
Syria's Removal of Boycott Declaration From Patent Applications is Meaningless.
The Arab boycott of Israel may be gearing up for a new push
 June 19, 2008
UNICEF Starves Children In Support of Anti-Semitism.
The Arab boycott of Israel is now being used to starve children to death.
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